Welcome to the Pathfinder Interim Campaign!

In a nutshell Pathfinder is essentially D&D 3.5, sharing much of the class & species archetypes, rules, background and gameplay. Where it diverges is it's continual developmental process from feedback from the players, so essentially aspects of D&D that are to heavy or disliked can be removed or edited to the players direction.

This is a completely new system to myself, one in which I have alot of reading and lore to catch up on and I will apologize in advance if rules change during these sessions.


1) Indoor voices and listen to your fellow players – the story will progress with or without your attention, as GM I reserve the right to put well behaved players towards the front of the table. (I will put negative modifiers and increased difficulty to those who don't listen)

2) No interrupting of players during their actions.

3) Players will discuss their actions as a group and decide upon the primary action they wish to take based on a majority agreement or vote. Secondary and tertiary actions can still be taken, but not if they purposefully try to make the primary action fail. Noninvolvement within the scenario is okay however. 

4) Don't get used to your seats…. Players will be shifted around the table based on initiative roles at the beginning of the session. These roles will also add a bonus or negatives to in game initiative roles. 

5) Be descriptive – talking through your actions in detail may reward you bonuses to your roles and increase your chance for success. Instead of simply saying "I swing my sword", try "I feint to the left and aim to thrust my rapier into the gap between the Armour at the armpit" This will take into account a characters strength in dexterity and weapon skill encouraging a larger bonus. 

6) GM Lenience – I aim to be very lenient with the gameplay mechanics and aim to suit the campaign for what the players want. Feel like messing around for the session, we will take on a more comedic vibe… more gore… fine, the off chance we are being serious  I'll be more grounded.

7) Character Creation -  read through the races and classes in this link: http://www.d20pfsrd.com/, Options are open from the core, standard, advanced and featured races only (still a very open list however). Restrictions will apply to certain races and nurfs implemented for story reasons when necessary. 

8) Have fun!