Dr Morpheus Thundercats Brown

Green leopard humanoid wizard mage sorcerer witch conjurer


Birthed as a result of He-man red rocketing his leopard over Dame Judi Dench, Morpheus grew quickly feasting on the food scavenged from the fat folds of jabba the hutt. He underwent tutelage in the mystic arts by Jaja Binks from his lair in the anal cavity of Optimus Prime. There he learnt to channel his Chi to become the immortal fist and world champion at Donkey Kong.
He earned his PhD in Jizzguzzling from the New Bucks University by sucking off the arch deacon, and supreme overlord of students, Nick Clegg. Morpheus also possesses the unique skill from any other Bucks graduate of actually being able to spell ‘University’.

Morpheus likes long walks on the beach and classical music concerts. He has an average ebay buyer feedback score of 4.8 stars

Dr Morpheus Thundercats Brown

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