Elduran “El” Murthwell

Misanthropic Rogue-Magus Elf


Tall, black hair, violet eyes, and a clan tattoo on his left breast. He looks middle aged, but has lived for centuries.


El has lived for centuries, and if there’s one thing he’s learned it’s that all people, no matter their race, are bastards. Especially elves. Elves suck. Especially Marabou Kiltha, the head of his clan, she’s the worst.
El has traveled the world after abandoning his clan and people, most elves either shun him or try to get him to teach them, it all depends on if they know him or not.
After all these centuries of travel El has become deeply cynical and misanthropic, having a deep hatred of the nature of existence, believing all people to be either evil or useless.

Elduran “El” Murthwell

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