Jeryk Greenleaf

Halfling Bard with the musical talent of a god!


Why I’m positively handsome, be I.

I have the fair hazel locks of a fresh spring-born lambikins and my two sharp eyes are twinkling blue diamonds, so they are.

Height? Well I may be a bit on the shortside, but here in Low Wyrdcombe I be the third tallest Halfling in all the village, so I be doing alright.

Some say my finest features are my pointy little ears, wonderous tools of perception they are. Others of course say that my freckled cheeks are a pure charm; who am I to argue with any of them.


I’m the finest lute and flute player in all of Golarion! Well, maybe not quite, but that’s my ambition, so it is. I’d certainly say I might be the finest muscian on this part of the Inner Sea. I can’t say I’ve ever heard of better than myself and all my friends and neighbours here in Low Wyrdcombe say I’m really good.

And for the price of a shiny coin, a tankard of decent ale or perhaps a good meaty pie or cream scone, I’ll regale you with my angelic voice as I sing songs of my daring do’s against goblins and dragons.

Have I fought any? Well…not yet, but I will do! That’s for sure. I’m no liar or braggard, me.

I tell you what, if you’re real generous with the ale and pies I’ll accompany you a short while and compose you a carefully crafted battle song dedicated to all your future achievements. In fact, some of my compositions have been known to breath the divine winds into an adventurer and enable them to bound right into a nest of orcs or kobolds and lop their heads right off!

Just make it three pies. Three good pies, mind…..

And a pint.

Jeryk Greenleaf

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