Tena Gale

A stealthy sylph sourceress.


Short and skinny, pointy ears, emerald-green eyes, long white hair and an extremely pale skin with blue swirling tattoo-like markings. It’s difficult not to notice Tena even in the most varied crowd… unless she doesn’t want to be seen.
A stealthy and dangerous (only apparently) very young lady.


“You were born with the power of air genies, and the magic of the djinn is strong in you.” the blind midwife spoke in her pointy ears when she was born from her human mother in a fishermen town by the northern sea.
Tena’s childhood has been one of supposed confinement. People always kept a distance from her, and never liked her too-shiny green eyes or the winds that swirled around here when she was angry or upset.
And they didn’t like her mother, either.
“The witch”, someone whispered behind her, and worse, “the wind bitch”.
But all gave her a respectful bow when she walked down the main street, and many did so heartily, remembering the many times her powers had diverted blasting winds and even pirates from their shore.

Thanks to her innated skills and her mother’s regular training, Tena not only learned more than just the basic of sorcery, but she also fashioned her own way of being in the crowd, remaining unnoticed as she spied and eavesdrop on the people around her.
And after half a century of townfolk normal life, petty crime and nasty rumors, still looking really young (and being so as a sylph), Tena decided she had done with is village and wanted to “listen to the wind” in a big city.

Tena Gale

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